Project Marketing- How to Generate More Leads

Project marketing comes with unique challenges, but with the right approach, you can get it sold faster. At Plezzel, we use multiple innovative tools and marketing tactics to reach more people, generate more leads and make the entire process easier for project marketing companies. 

  1. CRM Integrations

At Plezzel, CRM integration is core to our vision of using data and technology to optimise real estate marketing campaigns. Our integrations utilise sophisticated tool-sets to get more value from every contact:

  • Data enrichment to provide a deeper view of each lead captured
  • The opportunity to further personalise every customer touch-point
  • Enhanced tools for investigating and prioritising client queries
  • Automated retrieval of leads for audience enrichment

Plezzel’s digital platform captures client enquiry from a range of online channels. The platform integrates with Facebook/Instagram, property websites and real estate portals. This means more leads, better data insights and more new opportunities.


  1. Automated Enquiry Response

Automated enquiry response systems allow you to provide an instant, tailored response to any enquiries 24/7. The automated responses can be updated whenever you need, allowing you to keep people informed about the status of the project as it progresses. At Plezzel, we created automated response emails that customised to match the style/branding of the project, so you can offer a better buyer experience. 


  1. Retargeting

Many prospects will visit a project website because they are interested but take no action at the time. Nurturing these prospects through retargeting is a great way to drive faster conversion. At Plezzel, we can retarget prospects through both Facebook and Google. We’ll set up a digital campaign that hits that prospect at every point of the customer journey.  

For example, it can start with a “coming soon campaign” followed by regular updates about how the project is going. These types of campaigns are important because they give prospects regular updates about the development. It helps keep them excited about the project, since it has a longer customer journey depending on the build time of the project


Plezzel Can Help You With Project Marketing

At Plezzel, we can help streamline your project marketing using tools like automated enquiry response, data capture and omnichannel advertising. Make your project a success with our fully managed multi-channel campaigns to drive leads and create a buzz for your development. For more information, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Business Development Manager
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