Project Marketing – How to Manage Leads With Automation


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manage leads with automation

Managing leads is difficult during development projects. But it’s essential for success. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that creating a nice, glossy website to attract buyers is sufficient without giving enough attention to the buyer experience from start to finish. 

You need to attract the right buyers using tactics like targeted ads on social media and display ads. Once you generate interest, you need to have the right systems and tools in place to efficiently manage enquiries and quality leads. Project marketing can involve hundreds, if not thousands, of leads. The only way to deal with this volume while maintaining a quality buyer experience is through automation.


Automation Through Integration

Managing and qualifying a huge number of leads manually just isn’t possible. At Plezzel, our closed-loop platform makes managing project marketing enquires easy. Our full CRM integrations simplify lead management while at the same time helping you create better customer experiences and access better data insights. 

Plezzel’s platform integrates with a range of CRM platforms so you can capture and track leads from a variety of sources. This means avoiding lost leads, saving time and creating more opportunities. CRM integrations is a growing area as both the CRM software and real estate industries see the value of enabling closed loop marketing solutions.


Capture Leads From Multiple Sources

Plezzel’s platform lets you capture buyer enquiries from a variety of online channels. This includes the project website and social media channels. The platform integrates with Facebook, Instagram, property websites and real estate portals. Anyone who has enquired online can be automatically recorded and uploaded in your CRM through our mobile app.

As a leading technology provider to the real estate industry, Plezzel knows how to utilise various online tools, technologies and software applications to provide world class projecting marketing capabilities. Our open, integrated platform enables you to make a bigger impact with seamless, branded marketing.



Retargeting is a great way of nurturing prospects who have shown interest in your project but took no further action. It involves repeatedly showing a prospect branded ads across multiple channels as they browse online. This includes on social media sites, search engine results and banner ads on third party sites. By repeatedly targeting them with their ads, they’ll keep you in mind for when they are ready to take action.


Plezzel Can Help You With Project Marketing

At Plezzel, we can help streamline your project marketing using tools like automated enquiry response, data capture and omnichannel advertising. Make your project a success with our fully managed multi-channel campaigns to drive leads and create a buzz for your development. For more information, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


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