Make Sure Your Data Doesn’t End Up in Your Competitors Hands

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In 2018, the internet is full of easy to access data. Everyone creates data every second and much of it can be useful for real estate agents. With internet users sharing updates about their lives on social media platforms and using search engines to look for property, agents can gain deep insights into the housing needs of prospective clients.

This data allows them to better target their campaigns and offer a high quality customer experience. However with many real estate agencies realising this, there is also the risk that competitors can take your valuable data and use it for their own benefit.


The Importance of Your Data

The ability to understand your prospects better and communicate with them more effectively makes your data incredible valuable. It’s value extends from the ability to deliver tailored messaging for short term campaigns to following clients throughout the real estate client life cycle.

The real estate client lifecycle involves following someone’s real estate journey as they transition between different profiles. For example, from a tenant to a first home buyer, a vendor to an investor to someone eventually looking to downsize during their retirement.


Tips to Keep Your Data Protected

It’s essential to keep your leads secure and maintain a long term relationship. This begins by ensuring your leads are properly entered into your company CRM so they don’t get lost and you can continue nurturing them.

Protect your data by having quality security software, from antivirus to encryption software with multi-factor authentication. Ensure you create secure passwords that are a minimum of eight characters in length, don’t repeat characters too often and contain a variety of upper, lower, special and punctuation characters. For example, 4b%=UaP.

Use different passwords for every platform you use and change them every quarter. This is necessary as many security threats come from insiders (such as former employees giving data to their next employer).  Consider using password management software to store all your passwords which will make the whole process easier.


Avoiding Scams

Make sure everyone in the office understands the importance of cyber security and how to mitigate potential risks. This includes training them on how to identify phishing scams and how to properly store, back up and dispose of sensitive information.

By using secure, reputable real estate software such as the Plezzel platform, you can ensure all your leads are captured and segmenting while ensuring sensitive information is protected on highly secure databases.


By – CEO
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