Is Your Real Estate Agency Letting Leads Slip Through the Cracks?

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Are you effectively capturing every lead? As the business grows, real estate agents can often find themselves in a position where they can no longer keep up with the high volume of enquiries received. They soon find themselves spending their mornings following up on enquiries received outside of office hours. This is a time consuming and labour-intensive process and the delayed response means leads are slipping through the cracks. Below we’ll explore how real estate agents can use digital tools to better capture and nurture leads, streamline office operations, showcase their brand and create better engagement with customers.


24/7 Response to Enquiries

Research has found that most people make real estate decisions at home outside of traditional office hours. Our last study analysed over 80,000 enquiries from 15 real estate agencies over three months and found that over 52 per cent of them were made outside office hours. This presents a massive challenge to real estate agents as 40 per cent of consumers in Australia expect a response to their enquiry within an hour, according to a survey by Lithium Technologies and Harris Poll. Understandably many real estate agents are unable to meet these expectations, resulting in lost leads. Our real estate software allows agents to send automated, branded responses to enquiries 24/7. By responding promptly and giving potential customers more information when they’re most motivated, you’re seven times more likely to close a lead. 24/7 response gives you a professional edge by offering a high level of service and showcases your brand.


Automate Administrative Tasks

Following up on enquiries sent overnight or on the weekends can take up hours of an agent’s workday. If your team is manually creating a contact record in the CRM system on top of that, it equates to an average of five and a half hours of administrative work per day across the office. Our software can be your administrative assistant, responding to enquiries in minutes then loading them into your CRM systems without your team lifting a finger. It can help you manage inspections more efficiently by dispensing with pen and paper and tracking attendees to follow up on later. Your staff will have more time to focus on other valuable activities such as prospecting vendors, building relationships by working the database and following up buyers by phone.


Leverage Your Data

Your client database is a valuable resource that can be used to grow your business. Our software, by capturing and segmenting online enquiries and tracking attendees of inspections can help your agency in a number of ways, including:

– Understanding where in the buyer journey your prospects are (e.g. are they buyers, tenants, homeowners or investors?)

– Increase the ROI from your marketing campaigns through targeting specific segments with content and promotions that are related to their needs (i.e. you could directly target homeowners that are active in the market with a campaign focused on nurturing those leads in order to generate listings).

– Having the ability to segment your database by suburb, price range, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. (this becomes a great listing tool!)

With this data, you can keep in regular contact with past and potential clients with targeted email marketing, blogs and sales campaigns to generate more listings. You can also use insights from the data to drive future business.


Property Profiles – Sleek, Informative and Compliant

With Real Estate Booking’s property profiles, potential buyers can enjoy a well designed, branded page that offers valuable information including comparable sales and median suburb prices. These profiles can be distributed through automated enquiry responses and is a great way to provide more information to motivated buyers. The inclusion of comparable sales is important as it will be a legislative requirement in Victoria under new underquoting laws from the start of May 2017. These laws are already in operation in New South Wales and Queensland and non-compliant agencies have been fined thousands, lost sales commissions and had their licences revoked. Our software makes compliance easy.

By – CEO
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