2017 Report: How Many Real Estate Enquiries come Outside ‘Office Hours’?

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Real estate clients like to deal with agents who respond to them promptly. The challenge with meeting that expectation is the fact that most real estate agencies receive enquiries outside 9am-5pm office hours.

It’s not surprising that people make property decisions once they’re at home relaxing, but what can real estate agencies do to capture and respond to enquiries in a timely manner? Implement real estate marketing automation software.


Out of Office Enquiries are on the Rise

Last year, our team conducted a study and found out of 43,000 enquiries, 43 per cent of them were made outside of office hours. Having now conducted data analysis on over 80,000 enquiries in the last three months (Q1 2017), we can make comparisons with our last report.

We analysed 87,395 enquiries from 15 agencies and found 44,079 of those enquiries were made outside of office hours. This equates to 52.62 per cent of all enquiries, meaning more than half are made when no one is there to respond. This indicates a 10 per cent increase in enquiries made outside of office hours compared with previous reports.


Digital Age of Real Estate

These figures put the real estate industry in a unique and challenging position. Not many other businesses are in a situation where more than half of their sales enquiries and business flow are being conducted outside of office hours. It’s indicative of how we are moving more and more into a digital age, where agents must be prepared to cater to enquiries made at any time of the day.

Most lost listing opportunities occur because of inconsistent or late responses. Fortunately, the latest real estate software offer agencies the tools to address this specific problem. Agencies can now deliver branded, professional responses 24/7, nurture leads and segment data with minimal effort. By taking a proactive approach towards improving your responsiveness, your agency can increase sales and grow by taking advantage of every listing opportunity.


Increasing Mobile Usage

Another insight we uncovered is that since December 2016, for the first time in history, mobile has surpassed desktop in website browsing and searching. 51.4 per cent of this activity now takes place on a mobile device. This trend makes responsive design more important than ever for real estate websites. Having a responsive website essentially means that your site’s design will offer the user a quality experience regardless of the device they use to view it.

The overall look and goals of your site should stay consistent across all devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices) and look as if they each were custom built. With responsive design, everything from user experience and lead generation to your site’s SEO value and your content’s shareability on social media will be enhanced.


Keep Up With The Right Tools

Rather than hiring additional staff to manage your enquiries or improve your online presence, your agency can simply use Real Estate Booking’s marketing automation software to streamline the entire process and capture customers when they are most motivated.

By – CEO
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