How many Real Estate Enquiries are Received Outside “Office Hours”?

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Most people make their real estate decisions at home after work. With 9am-5pm jobs, they come home to relax, watch TV and research online using their iPad for their next property decision. They can chat with their partner and check out what is available in their desired suburb.

We analysed over 40,000 database enquiries and was surprised to note that 49.2% of total enquiries received by our clients are outside agent office hours of 9am – 5pm.

Sales enquiries have a higher proportion coming into the office after hours. That is nearly half of your business flow being conducted outside of office hours. Worse still, your valued clients have to wait “post enquiry” the next day for a response (if at all). This can often leave prospective clients frustrated and disappointed.




Why not capture and respond to the enquiry when the customer is motivated? This is the online model we offer to our clients. I don’t know many retail, consumer-based industries that have this “wait and see” approach. Consumers are enquiring on multiple properties across a range of competing agents; the first to respond gets the business.

We are putting the agent back in the driver’s seat. Our unique real estate software makes this happen by capturing every enquiry automatically in the agent database. We also respond in real-time with a customised, agent branded response,  providing the client with the option to confirm attendance at an inspection. This ‘interaction’ provides a great experience and already qualifies the lead further for the agent.


By – CEO
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