Reduce Admin Work and Increase Database Organisation

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) organisation is the foundation for a successful selling season. For any Real Estate Office, it is vital to ensure all customer records are organised at all times. Plezzel’s platform works with integrated CRMs to reduce admin work and increase database organisation. 

Reaching Customers at Key Touch-points

There are over 40 touch-points in any given homeowner’s journey. An organised database makes reaching each customer with the appropriate marketing content or messaging impossible. This applies especially to large Real Estate Offices with thousands of records. It is safe to say that the need for a well-categorised CRM increases as your customer base grows.

For example, a couple had contacted an office when applying for a tenancy. However, they mentioned they would be looking to buy in the foreseeable future. Years later, they enquired online about a property for sale, listed under the same office for an estimated sale price of $650,000. This action warrants the change from an account type from ‘Tenant’ to ‘Buyer’.

Categorisation Based on Enquiry

As each enquiry comes through, Plezzel’s Smart Digital Audience Creation picks up keywords designed to segment the type of query into pre-defined categories for data entry.

In the example above, Plezzel’s unique audience segmentation would read the this as a ‘buyer’ enquiry within the $650,000 budget, automatically placing the couple into this category for retargeting. The price segmentation allows the Real Estate Office to promote only similarly priced properties to this couple for greater digital advertising efficiencies.

The Real Estate Office will also be able to contact the couple with properties for sale based on their preference. 

Smart Audience Creation

Plezzel’s Smart AI audience creation doesn’t stop at data entry and retargeting. The accounts created are imported into digital audiences, allowing Real Estate offices to create similar audiences to target in digital advertising. This may be targeting buyers for similar properties, or targeting homeowners looking to sell. This means that every single enquiry you receive works to further refine your digital audience by assessing key information and signals.

Plezzel’s digital automation with CRM integration will reduce admin work and increase database organisation, increasing the time Agents have to nurture lead opportunities and deliver winning listing presentations. Contact our team today to find out more about our smart audience creation and CRM integrations.

By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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