What is Remarketing and How Can it Help You Find the Right Buyer?


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Remarketing is a method of advertising that connects visitors to your website who may not have made an enquiry or purchase to your promotional material. It allows companies to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience who visited your website as they browse elsewhere. Remarketing can also be done by sending targeted ads to prospects within your database through social media.

Remarketing is a cost-effective way to nurture prospects who demonstrate an interest in your offerings. Google AdWords and Facebook are two channels that manage this process and displays ads on web pages visited by your target audience across different devices, alongside within your prospect’s social media feeds.


How Does Remarketing Work?

When someone visits your website, cookies are placed on their device when they meet a selected criteria. Their cookie ID is then placed on one or many of your remarketing lists, each of which may have their own criteria depending on what you’re promoting.  

For example, a real estate agency in Brisbane may have a web visitor who looks at the listings on the “buying” page but takes no further action. If this visitor meets the demographic criteria, they will see relevant ads elsewhere on the internet as they browse. In this scenario, this may be someone with a high income who resides in Brisbane and is currently looking for a new property. 


Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing has a multitude of benefits for real estate agencies, whether you’re looking to improve sales conversations or promote awareness of your brand:

– Access to in-the-market buyers – With remarketing, you’re reaching out to people who have interacted with your agency, providing timely touch points to drive prospects back to your site when they’re most engaged. By targeting in-the-market buyers, you’re ensuring that your marketing budget is not being wasted on people who are not interested.

– Brand recognition – By displaying your promotions across various web pages while browsing the internet, your prospects are viewing and becoming more familiar with your brand. This consistent visibility is essential for the nurturing stage as research indicates a prospect needs to see an ad between five and seven times before they act on it.

– Insights and measurable ROI – You have access to reports on how campaigns are performing, where ads are being displayed and how much you’re paying per action taken. This allows you to measure ROI and determine what kind of promotions are or aren’t working with particular audience segments.


Plezzel Can Help

Remarketing can be a strategic and powerful component of your digital marketing strategy. At Plezzel, we can help you use remarketing to its full potential by capturing and segmenting data of people who interact with your agency via enquiries.

Our unique data sets are not shared with other major real estate portals and can help build a powerful remarketing campaign for your agency that we’ll manage from start to finish.


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