Selling property in 2021 requires an omnichannel approach. This means advertising must take place across multiple channels including real estate portals, search engines and social media Omnichannel marketing is the best way to reach multi-screen and multi-platform consumers.

Think about the customer journey looking for a property. It isn’t a straight line from interest to enquiry to inspection to purchase. Instead, potential buyers will go through several “touchpoints’’ before making an enquiry. These touchpoints include ads on social media, portals, visiting open homes, property listings, etc.


Consistency Across Touchpoints

Each of those touchpoints should deliver a consistent, engaging message to potential buyers looking for property. This nurtures the buyer and keeps your property top of mind as they contemplate their purchasing decision. As they browse the web, your retargeted branded advertising draws them back to your listing.

A successful property selling campaign must be executed with an understanding of the nuances and unique benefits offered by different channels. Where is each touchpoint in the sales funnel? For example, create awareness and find potential buyers using ads on Facebook. Buyers that take action on those ads can then be nurtured via retargeting as they browse the web.


Targeted Social Media Advertising

With the massive volume of Australians using social media for long periods every day, Facebook and Instagram are essential parts of an omnichannel marketing campaign. Powerful tools on these social media platforms allow you to target the right buyers with laser-precision and compelling messages using images and video.


Retargeting Prospects Effectively

Retargeting involves targeting the same prospect with the same relevant advertising as they browse different web pages and social channels. This is crucial for nurturing a prospective buyer who has shown an interest in the property being sold.

Retargeting converts undecided prospects. Remember that buying a property is a big decision that people typically sit on for a while. Retargeting keeps your property top of mind while a prospect is in that decision-making process.


Use Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are great for retargeting and nurturing prospects. They enable you to place visually engaging ads on some of the most visited web pages including Gmail, Youtube, mainstream news sites, online stores and much more.

The targeting and retargeting capabilities of Display Ads are incredibly powerful. You also get key insights to help you monitor and track engagement with your ads, including information about how many people saw your ads, clicked them and converted.


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