Can Social Media Really Generate Real Estate Listings?


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Social media offers real estate agencies a massive network of potential clients. Channels like Facebook and Instagram can be used to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and even generate listings. Using social media to generate listings is not something that can be done overnight however, requiring strategy and commitment.

Agents must build an engaging social media presence complete with quality, relevant content and complete utilisation of all the tools available on each channels, from using hashtags properly to making the most of targeted advertising.


Targeting the Relevant Audience

Facebook and Instagram allow you to directly target local homeowners based on demographical information like age, location and income. You can also go deeper and target owners based on how much their property is worth and whether or not they own investment properties. Converting these homeowners into leads will require you to target them with relevant and informative content in your ads and sponsored posts.

Agents who just dump their listings on social media or post whatever and whenever are unlikely to make an impact or convert these people. Instead, you should post consistently about interesting things happening in the community (relevant to your main demographic). An agency in a hipster community might share street art and the latest coffee hotspots for example.

If you want to generate listings, you’ll need to convince homeowners that you are a reputable and knowledgeable agency and the best suited to sell their property. This can be accomplished by targeting them with content that communicates this, such as an article that offers advice about the best time to sell in their suburb.


Group Insights

Many agencies may not think Facebook groups could offer opportunities for generating listings, but they can contain triggers or insights into whether someone is planning on selling a property. An example is local garage sales groups and events, something Byron Filippi, Director of Filippi Real Estate, uses to this effect.

Every Saturday morning, the director of the brand new boutique agency based in Geelong looks through all the upcoming garage sales in his local suburbs. He sends a short, polite message to the owner of the garage sales to introduce himself and offer his services. According to Byron, the response rate is amazing and was actually how Filippi Real Estate generated their first listing.


Instagram Local Hashtags

Many real estate agencies boast a large following on Instagram. However after analysing popular pages, we’ve found that as much as 70 per cent of the audience isn’t even located in Australia. While having a lot of followers can be nice, there isn’t much point if they can’t create profit for your agency.

This is where using hashtags properly becomes important. Local hashtags in particular are crucial, especially for real estate agencies who work in specific locations. For example a Sydney based real estate agent should use hashtags such as #sydney #sydneyrealestate #sydre and other trending and popular local hashtags. You should use local hashtags in all your posts and take it a step further by searching these hashtags and engaging with users who post under them with likes, comments and follows.

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