Why Social Media Marketing Will Help You Win Listings


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Many areas around Australia are currently experiencing a period of low housing stock. This is particularly true of capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Agents in these places face a situation where they must battle for limited property on the market.

An effective digital marketing strategy is more important than ever in such a competitive environment. It’s time to consider what it is that sets you apart when it comes to selling yourself to prospective vendors. How effectively are you communicating those differences? Are your marketing tactics producing a return on investment?


How Social Media Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Most agencies understand the importance of social media marketing and engage in some of it, but are you using these platforms to their maximum advantage? Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram feature targeting tools which allow agents to better reach prospective clients.

This involves narrowing down the people who are exposed to your promotional content based on relevant demographics such as location, income and age. By advertising your agency effectively to the right people, your agency has a much better chance of generating new listings.


Developing a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

When you use social media to advertise to in-the-market buyers, you’re also reaching buyers who are considering selling their property. Potential clients are increasingly turning to social media to find an agency that best suits them and their property goals.

With that in mind, your social media strategy should focus on building brand recognition and expertise amongst potential clients. To successfully do this, you need to create useful, branded content like in-depth market reports or analysis.


Measuring the Performance of Your Promotions

Unlike conventional marketing methods like print advertising, you can measure the performance of your social media promotions. This allows you to see what’s working best with your target audience so you can improve and refine your digital marketing strategy.

At Plezzel, we can connect you to the right in-the-market buyers using our targeted data sets and offer insights on the marketing campaign (e.g. amount of clicks). Make the most of your marketing budget and ensure you have an edge on the competition by working with the real estate marketing experts.

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