Structuring a Winning Listing Presentation

Every listing presentation is an opportunity for the Agent to explain their process and convert opportunities. Agents who get this step right will inevitably generate more listings and strengthen their position as the reliable ‘go-to’ expert in their local market. 

Vendors are ultimately looking for a safe, trusted choice in an agent. Someone with the right credentials, track record and processes to provide assurance they’re in safe hands… Particularly at a time that can be stressful and emotional.


Selling Yourself & Your Team

Consider your customer’s wants and needs above all else, communicating with understanding. This means providing clear information on how your processes and marketing will service them. Why does choosing you benefit them? Will your approach generate more interest, lead to a higher result, or be fast and simple? Provide proof that supports your key points of difference, for example:

  • Testimonials from previous vendors
  • Statistics such as auction clearance rate, average days on market, and median sale results
  • Case studies demonstrating the process of a successful sale 
  • Marketing strategies and packages
  • Use of data and technology to leverage results

Vendors want to know that you’re the trusted expert with their best interests at heart. They want an agent who can sell their property at the best possible price while keeping costs to a minimum. They also inevitably have their own unique criteria and preferences you need to identify early. Address those concerns in detail with confidence and expertise.


Agents Are On Show at Open Homes

Vendors use Open Homes to find the right agent to sell their homes. Homeowners considering selling attend Open Homes to see how a real estate agent acts and interacts with potential buyers, sizing them up as the potential agent-of-choice. If you’re not already, start treating Open Homes like auditions for your next customer.

  • Are you personable, professional and polite?
  • Do you show genuine interest when interacting with attendees?
  • Are you able to answer questions and engage in conversation?
  • Do you send follow-up emails and messages?
  • Do you quickly distribute necessary documents to attendees? 

What is the overall experience you provide prospects at Open Homes? If you present a rushed and disorganised Open Home, you’re sending the message that you provide a rushed and disorganised service.


Explain the Benefits

Explaining the benefits of your approach over competitors is critical to winning business. For example, you could point out that some agencies promote listings on social media with no strategy. On the other hand, your agency uses data and insights to create a targeted marketing strategy that puts their property in front of the right people, reducing costs and maximising results. 

It’s not always about quoting the lowest fee. As Tom Panos pointed out at the 2022 AREC Event:

“Which is worse, over-marketing a listing by $5k or under-marketing it by $100k?”

Data-Driven Real Estate Marketing With Plezzel

The digital marketing experts at Plezzel can help you improve the ROI of your real estate marketing. Our innovative digital tools and strategic campaigns are designed to help your agency get more listings and generate better results.

To find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.

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