Take Off the Real Estate Print Marketing Blindfold

Letterbox drops and other forms of print marketing are like marketing with a blindfold. These once tried and proper tactics are out of favour today. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is hyper-targeted, strategic and measurable. However, on the other hand, print marketing is costly, time-consuming, and largely ineffective.

Most pamphlets and brochures end up straight in the trash. So why not take off the Real Estate print marketing blindfold today. Instead, you can direct your marketing budget into accurate targeting, measurable results and flexibility for effective strategy development.


Print Marketing Costs vs ROI

Letterbox drops involve paying a designer to create the material and a print company to print/distribute their material. Unfavourably, these materials are then widely disseminated to properties without knowing exactly who is living in these homes. 

You could reach a young couple who recently bought a home six months ago or a share house full of recent graduates. Unfortunately, neither are likely to buy a property priced from $700,000 to $1,000,000. This means your marketing investment is simply going to waste. Today, real estate agents have more advanced tools for marketing listings to local prospects. 


Hyper-targeted, Strategic and Measurable

Why pay for print material that could be left in the letterbox? Instead, get better results with digital marketing. Know exactly who you target, right down to their budget and property type. Platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram allow you to target prospects with laser precision at minimal cost and effort. Another benefit is being able to identify exactly what the return is.

With digital real estate advertising, it’s easier to get a good idea of who you’re reaching. In addition, you know whether they are responding and taking action in response to your marketing. Not to mention, your investment goes towards your brand being in front of the eyes of those currently looking for a listing similar to yours. 


Get More Out of Your Budget

Developing and executing an effective digital strategy can be difficult for real estate agencies. Leverage the services of real estate marketing experts like Plezzel to make the most of the digital tools available.

Our Smart AI Audience Segmentation helps sort potential buyers into audiences sharing a typical budget, location or desired property type. This is extracted from buyer enquiries and sent directly to your CRM, thanks to the platform’s CRM Integration.


To find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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