Talking Digital with Your Landlord Clients

Tenants are on their own personal property journey. As a result, rental properties often go vacant as they move on. Minimising vacancy periods is essential for landlords, who need to get the property leased to minimise the cost of upkeep. 

While most landlords are happy to “put the property up online”, agents should recommend taking a more proactive approach. Namely by using innovative advertising tactics on digital channels. 


Reach Tenants on channels they use

Today, most people use the internet to entertain themselves, connect with others and look for information, services and products they need. This includes potential tenants looking for new rental properties. Research shows that 99% of Millennials, who are more likely to be renters, search for property online.

Digital usage is higher across all demographics as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, one survey found 39% of respondents are spending more time on social media. There was also an 87% increase in time spent looking for information and news online. 


The Power of Social Media for tenants

Agents should detail just how powerful social media is when it comes to reaching prospective tenants. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have incredible targeting capabilities that allow you to narrowly define an audience based on relevant demographics. With over 10m tenant-aged people (19- 39 years old)using social media, it’s the ideal advertising option.

Social media advertising enables you to reach a greater number of people while spending less, measure ad effectiveness and access reporting on ad performance in real time. A digital campaign for a rental property is the most effective method to attract the best quality tenant. This provides the landlord with a wide choice of qualified applicants who wish to lease the property.


Contact Plezzel for Your Next Digital Campaign

Let the team at Plezzel help you reach the right people with our innovative digital tools and strategic campaigns. If you want to learn more about how to generate more traffic or buyer leads using digital campaigns, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.

By – Business Development Manager
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