The Bonus of Vendor Paid Advertising Packages

Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) should benefit the Agent as well as the Vendor; when an Agent provides powerful advertising, individuals remember this when they decide to sell.

Plezzel’s VPA Audiences Include Homeowners Intending to Sell

While the primary purpose of VPA is to sell your Vendor’s home, it can also create a domino effect of listings for Agents. Did you know 50% of buyers have a home to sell? Therefore, up to half of your VPA audience intends to sell. What an incredible opportunity to take advantage of.

How VPA Showcases the Agent’s Brand

Particularly in the real estate industry, people are driven to make a decision based on trust. With VPA, you are demonstrating just how you can deliver your next Vendor an incredible experience and a great result.

For example, these ads showcase how well properties can be displayed on social media with customisable media engine templates. You can decide what property information is shown, how it is shown and how your agent profile is displayed.

VPA During the Spring Selling Season

Now is the time to set your office up with the right type of VPA that not only helps you sell your Vendor’s home faster but leads to your next listing. After closing the sale, a Just Sold campaign should be a standard part of your process.

This is the bonus of Vendor Paid Advertising. It is the driver of a successful selling season, allowing you to win more listings and gain back more time for the areas that matter.

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By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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