In 2012, Uber launched in Australia. Within six years, they could match the 100-year-old taxi industry in the number of people who had used their service. It’s one of the most famous examples of technology-driven disruption. What’s more impressive is that the service was illegal. 

But how can an illegal, online, distributed ridesharing service have such a fast, devastating and permanent impact on an established, regulated and protected industry? Customer dissatisfaction. People were fed up with the high price and low levels of customer service that taxis provided. When Uber came along, everyone was happy to switch to an easier, better, more modern service offering. It’s what drives every major disruption. 

Disrupting Real Estate

Real estate is no different. New technology and digital tools have transformed how the industry operates. Smart digital agents who use the right PropTech to improve the customer journey are the big disruptors in real estate. Those who fail to deliver easy, streamlined experiences for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants are getting left behind.

In today’s digital world, consumers expect real estate agents to be digitally savvy. It’s essential during a time where the vast majority of us now go online to research, browse and shop for everything from new shoes to our next home. As an agent, you must know how to sell property using 


What is a Digital Real Estate Agent?

Real estate clients today expect their agent to know how to market properties and find the right prospects using digital channels. This goes beyond making the odd Facebook post and listing properties on portals. Digital real estate agents have disrupted the industry by creating custom digital campaigns for every client that:

  • Hyper-targets the right prospects with engaging ads on social media cost-effectively
  • Incorporates different tools in Facebook ads such as Lookalike Audiences
  • Utilises targeted ad campaigns using Google Display and Adwords
  • Achieves good results in terms of metrics like click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Takes an omnichannel approach wherein branding and messaging is consistent across your website, real estate portals, search engine ads and social media channels. 

Potential clients look at how agents maintain their own digital presence for clues on how digitally savvy they are. For example, do you regularly post insightful content that links people to your beautifully designed, modern, functional website? 


Understanding the Customer Journey in Real Estate

A digital real estate agent thinks about the customer journey looking for a property. They understand that a person’s pathway to wanting a new property isn’t a straight line from interest to enquiry to inspection to purchase. A digital real estate agent’s strategy is shaped by the fact potential clients go through several “touchpoints’’ before making an inquiry. These touch points include social media posts, open homes, property listings on portals and more. 


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