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As consumers and businesses spend more time online as a result of COVID-19, there’s a lot of talk about the need to transition to the new digital normal. The truth is, that new digital normal is already here. Real estate agents must know how to effectively navigate this new environment in order to successfully generate leads.

But what is this new digital normal? Recent research by GQI into consumer behaviour and sentiments in Australia uncovered some interesting insights about how some behavioural changes made during coronavirus are here to stay. 


More People Embracing Online Channels

Australians are increasingly experimenting with digital channels to connect with others and explore new interests. For example, 39% of respondents are spending longer on social media and 36% are watching more videos online. 45% are using their mobile phone more often, while 41% are using their laptop more. 

Every day more than 800 million daily active users globally are engaging with FB and IG live-streams, including workout classes, concerts, and more. There has been an 87% increase in time spent on financial news and information websites indicating a desire to consume informative and valuable content.


New Habits May Outlast the Outbreak

Respondents were also asked which behaviours and habits they expect to continue once the pandemic is over.

  • 25% said they’ll continue to shop online more frequently
  • 17% plan to work from home more frequently
  • 16% intend to keep using video conferencing and video calling (e.g. FaceTime) more frequently.

This means brands who shift their approach to match consumer behaviour during the pandemic may enjoy long term benefits and get ahead of competitors. 


What Consumers Expect from Brands

During uncertain times, consumers look for brands who are leading the way with practical support. For example, the following activities by brands generated a positive response from around 70% of respondents:

  • Providing practical information and tips
  • Running advertising in response to COVID-19
  • Providing entertaining content
  • Moving to lower-cost versions of products and services  (ie transferring print budgets to digital)

Take advantage of increased online activity during the pandemic by generating valuable and relevant content such as working at-home tips and insightful updates on your industry. 


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