The Plezzel Platform helps you create better targeted ads

The Plezzel Platform helps you create better targeted ads, putting you in front of your Vendor when they are ready to list their home. 

Did you know that every time you receive an enquiry from any Real Estate Portal, your agency website,— or even a customer walking into an Open home, the Plezzel Platform is building and growing YOUR online audience. With the integration to your CRM, Digital Marketing opportunities are growing every day. The more you use the Plezzel platform, the more this audience grows.

Our Automated tools are also finding similar people to the ones you currently have growing your targeted audience even more. We have created the perfect Automated digital tools to target this audience so they are consistently seeing YOUR BRAND online.


Using the Plezzel Platform and Digital Advertising together means you own your own digital data ecosystem.We help you build your online audience and the data is owned by you, not us. We are your Powerful digital Asset partner providing you a solution to grow your business. By putting your brand in front of future vendors at different points of the customer journey – We help grow your leads and nurture the leads you already have. Every time you book a Vendor Paid Digital Ad with Plezzel we continue to grow this audience.


Think of all the buyer enquiries you are receiving from your current property listings – 70% of buyers often have a home to sell, which means they are your next vendor.


With our expert digital marketing team and segmentation tools available, our platform can segment these potential Vendors and Investors, and target them directly by presenting your brand in front of them with your Vendor Paid digital Ads.

With a ‘Just Sold Campaigns’ or maybe you just won a recent award and you want to let your audience know about it, we have the tools to help you do this with a click of a button.

This is why it is important to keep your Plezzel Platform working together with  your Digital campaigns Ads.



There is Gold sitting in your database. And our social campaigns running together with the Plezzel platform is like having an “Always on” campaign running – targeting your online and offline audience directly. So when your vendor is ready to sell their home you are front of mind.


Contact Plezzel Today for Your Next Digital Campaign

The digital marketing experts at Plezzel can show you to use Facebook, Instagram and Google to reach more prospects and drive more leads. With more people spending more time on digital channels, now is a great time to utilise social channels. To find out more, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.

By – Plezzel Marketing Manager
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