The SMART Way to Generate Appraisal Leads

Generate your next vendor lead quickly with smart digital tools. Plezzel’s solutions take the guesswork out of lead generation using artificial intelligence. We’ll generate consistent leads from your database, automating the process while capturing every opportunity. Helping you generate appraisal leads.


CRM Data




Our smart tools segment vendors from thousands of buyer data. This includes prospective buyers that come through open homes who may need to sell their existing home as well as leads found across multiple channels from your website to property portals and social media channels. This means lead prospecting is automated while you focus on listing and selling.


Promote Across Multiple Channels



Plezzel drives conversations and conversions across multiple channels. This includes automated lead nurturing through SMS and email along with call lists and discussion topics for you to action. Combined with targeted digital ads, our smart tools allow you to have personalised interactions with contacts at scale. 


Buyer Enquiry



When connected to your CRM, we can help you with all your buyer enquiry management. This helps you create better experiences for your buyers so when it comes time to sell, they want to sell their home with you. This includes our automated personalised buyer enquiry email. This delivers a personalised enquiry response that matches the style/branding of your agency to buyers 24/7

It also includes our private inspection booking application. This smart tool automates the private inspection booking process to provide a seamless customer experience. Buyers can book directly through digital ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google, receiving an automated response once they select their preferred inspection time.


Contact Plezzel to Grow Your Business



Our smart tools generate more leads and save you time. In September, we helped our clients create over 5000 private inspections with 2628 buyers booked in and attended. We saved clients over 220 hours of time in managing private inspections (assuming it takes approximately 5 minutes to manage each booking).

Don’t miss out on your next vendor opportunity. Contact us today to talk through how our Plezzel Platform can help you grow your business.



By – Head of Growth
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