Tips for Helping Your Agency Survive and Thrive Digital Disruption

Digital disruption has created a massive shift in consumer behaviour and expectations. Businesses are more accountable than ever for providing a high quality, personalised service. In the real estate industry, effective use of digital tools and the right strategy can help any exceptional agent thrive in the digital world. 

Tip 1. Learn to Use Digital Marketing Tools

Effective marketing in the digital age requires precision and strategy to capture people’s attention. Knowing how to leverage powerful online advertising tools properly is crucial to survive and thrive. Take control over your online presence by learning to use digital tactics. Precise targeting, retargeting and data capture to help drive unique, branded advertising across the web.

Tip 2. Use Insights and Data Effectively

Marketing with limited data and insights was normal at one point. But today, as soon as an ad is up on a digital channel, you begin receiving insights on how it’s performing. This includes how many people you reached, what kind of demographic they were, how many views and clicks each ad got and what kind of actions people who saw your ad made, for example, made an enquiry, visited your website, etc.

Insights into how your audience engages with your ads provides valuable feedback, meaning you can test different tactics and constantly improve results and increase ROI over time by constantly testing and measuring different strategies on different channels. Use these insights to find the best approach for marketing a property in each unique situation.

Tip 3. Aim to Grow Your Audience 

Growing an online audience of potential buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants is a key challenge for every real estate agency. Don’t just spend money to increase your reach. Instead, get ahead by using the right technology and smart digital marketing tactics.  

Plezzel’s platform and digital marketing services together create a comprehensive digital ecosystem. This allows your agency to survive and thrive in the digital age. Every time you receive an enquiry from any real estate portal, your agency website, your social media channels or even a customer walking into an open home, the Plezzel platform captures their details and builds your database of leads.


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By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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