Using Analytics and Data to Segment Your Top Leads

The latest digital tools use AI and automation to segment out the top leads instead of manually doing this. This involves using detailed analytics to calculate the average time a person lives in a home before moving and the number of inquiries from the same person. Additionally, these tools collect multiple enquiries across several brands on our platform, including keyword triggers about someone needing to sell their home.

Real estate is an industry where you need to know the local area and build your brand over the years. A digital marketing strategy of this nature will help you surface valuable leads and nurture them so your brand is front of mind when they are ready to sell their home in a couple of years. 


Generating New Listings Using AI

With AI, agents can prevent top leads from slipping through the cracks without extensive manual work. AI has transformed everything in the real estate industry from automatically sending emails to generating new additional listings from your current listings. The key to the latter is anticipating the needs of buyers who need to sell their current home to fund their next purchase.

AI can automate the process of identifying, segmenting and nurturing new prospects. For example, understanding what a potential buyer does after an open home. Do they purchase a building and pest report? Register as a bidder for an auction? Make an offer on the property? These signals are critical in determining whether they will consider selling their current home. 


Saving Time With Automation

Smart automation tools allow you to segment homeowner and investor opportunities at the time of enquiry. Segmenting your database helps you prioritise time effort into leads that matter. Plezzel can funnel top leads from social media and real estate portals into our smart appraisal lead generator, which:

  • Tags priority leads in your CRM
  • Creates priority call lists
  • Generates digital ads
  • Sends appraisal request emails

These leads can be automatically nurtured with relevant content across social media and email marketing. This keeps the potential buyer engaged by giving them insightful information while keeping you top of mind when they are ready to list their home for sale.

Diagram explaining data organisation when processed via Plezzel's platform.


Plezzel Can Help You With Real Estate Digital Marketing

At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate. If you need help with smart automation and real estate digital marketing, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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