What are Facebook Lead Ads?


Facebook lead ads can accomplish several digital marketing objectives. For real estate agents, they’re an invaluable tool for both lead generation and gaining insights into the interests and behaviours of your target audiences. Facebook lead ads are essentially promoted forms. They allow you to capture details from prospects while offering something in return, such as market insights, suburb reports or a free demo. 


How The Ads Work

Lead ads appear on users’ feeds and stories on both Facebook and Instagram. They allow businesses to identify potential customers and collect their contact information without ever leaving the platform. This makes it far more likely for the user to fill out the form as it’s quick and easy to do so. 

Lead ads can be used to:

  • Find prospective customers
  • Better understand the interests and behaviours of your demographics
  • Increase sign-ups for newsletters
  • Schedule things like appraisals and quotes
  • Increase downloads of ebooks, brochures or market reports

Data collected from Facebook lead ads can be automatically downloaded to your CRM. This means it’s simple to collect potential leads, segment them and nurture them.


Benefits of Lead Generation Ads

Facebook lead ads are an effective tool because they:

  1. Avoid disrupting user experience – Users can submit their information through an auto-filled form without ever leaving the platform. This prevents drop offs because the process is simple, quick and doesn’t require switching from the platform to your website and back again.
  2. Made for mobile – Facebook lead generation ads work best for mobile. This is ideal because the vast majority of Facebook users are mobile users.
  3. Collect data easily – Lead generation ads are also beneficial for the advertiser because they capture potential customers’ information without having to create a new landing page or conversion path.
  4. Highly-targeted – Facebook lead ads allows for highly targeted segmentation, like interests, demographics, and more. This means that the leads you generate from your Facebook ads are already highly qualified for your home. 

To be effective, be clear about your offer. Share your value proposition upfront so people understand what they are signing up for. Choose attractive imagery paired with compelling content that supports your messaging.


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By – Head of Growth
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