What Does Plezzel Mean?


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People often ask us what is the meaning behind Plezzel. It’s opened up many conversations with prospects, clients and partners in the industry.

Prior to our rebrand, several prerequisites had to be met before we settled on the name. First, being in the tech industry meant that the availability of the domain name was very high on our list. Finding an available domain name was difficult because cyber squatters take almost all words in the English dictionary!

Nike was initially known as ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ before they rebranded. So we needed to come up with a unique name and set ourselves up for growth. After a lot of research (and many late nights), back and forth working with an IP attorney and a few discussions with the team, we finally came up with our new and unique name Plezzel.


What Does Plezzel Mean?

PLE is an abbreviation for Product Line Engineering or Product Family Engineering. It’s a process of engineering products and services in such a way as to reuse product components as much as possible. This has benefits such as a higher productivity rate, higher quality, and a faster time to market.

You could say it’s a method where we create a family of products to help all businesses grow with a sophisticated closed-loop marketing solution. The closed-loop is relevant as our CEO’s working motto for the brand is “digital starts at the time of enquiry”. Clients can elect to jump on the wagon wheel wherever they like, but the best results are with the full circle.

If you’re wondering what the ‘zzel’ represents, well, that adds the razzamatazz to the name.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Plezzel team, our journey and what we stand for, click through to the “About Us” page on our website.

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