Digital technology can grow your business, service customers better and grow your market share. Email automation is an example of this and is a particularly important tool for real estate agencies. This is because agencies must deal with enquiries coming in during all hours of the day. In fact, most enquiries related to real estate take place between 7pm to 11pm Monday to Friday. 

Prompt responses convert more leads. But agents can’t be available 24/7 to respond of course. Email automation solves this by automatically responding to enquiries, giving prospects the information they want at the moment they’re interested. 


Save Agents Time

From potential buyers trying to arrange an open home inspection to vendors asking for an update on the progress of a sale, agents are often inundated with emails. Around 60 per cent of enquiries arrive outside of office hours and come from multiple platforms like REA, Domain, Facebook and your website. With email automation, you can reduce the time spent manually responding to these enquiries. This gives you more time to focus on other tasks instead of replying to emails all morning. Strategise a new marketing strategy. 

Promote Your Brand Easily

Every email, even enquiry responses, is an opportunity to promote your brand. Uniformity across your agency’s communication channels is essential for establishing and maintaining a strong brand. Quality email automation tools allow you to create response templates that are consistent with your brand and ensure you deliver a professional, well-crafted response every time. 


Deliver Smart Responses

Just because it’s automated, doesn’t mean the response has to be generic or vague. Quality enquiry response tools such as the one offered by Plezzel provide genuine value to the enquirer. For example, if someone asks for a contract of sale, it will be attached to the response. Responses are engaging, look like they come from the individual listing agent and encourage further dialogue with the motivated prospect.


Create Better Customer Experiences

Every late response is an opportunity for a competitor. In fact, 40 per cent of Australian consumers expect a response within an hour of making an enquiry. Automated enquiry responses ensure you meet or even exceed customer expectations with prompt action. This helps you stand out from competitors, create better customer experiences and build more relationships with motivated prospects.


Contact Plezzel Today for Branded Automated Emails

At Plezzel, we build customised, branded email templates for agencies. These help save time, reduce expenses and grow your agency. If you’d like to learn more about our email automation tool, please get in touch with the team at Plezzel.


By – Business Development Manager
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