What Top Agents are Doing with Digital 

At Plezzel, we work with top agents all over Australia. Below, we look at some of the ways top agents utilise digital channels and what they’re doing right now to help drive business. 


Automated Email Campaigns

Make sure you have an automated customised email campaign set up, so your clients get a quick response right when they want the information, not when you can find the time to manually get the information yourself. 


Check Your Website UX

User experience (UX) is an essential aspect of good web design. Check your website is easy to navigate, loads quickly and makes it simple for visitors to get in touch or find the information they need. This is important for getting leads and also affects your SEO (i.e. how high your website ranks in search results).


Ensure Consistency Across Touchpoints

Prospective clients will typically experience your brand through several touchpoints before taking action. This includes your social pages, display ads, emails and presence on portals. Make sure all your social media touchpoints are sharp, deliver relevant content and reinforce a consistent brand message.


Omnichannel Digital Marketing Campaigns

Whether you’re aiming to get more listings, reach potential buyers or build brand awareness, utilise omnichannel digital campaigns effectively. This includes using Google and Facebook together in ways that complement the strengths of each channel.


Write Blogs

Write high quality, SEO optimised blogs that deliver relevant and insightful information to your current and prospective customers. For example, market reports on local areas, updates about legislation, etc. If you need help with blog writing, reach out to Plezzel for copywriting services.


Showcase Sold Campaigns

Showcase properties you’ve sold using smart, targeted social media campaigns. This way, your prospective clients can see that you are effective at selling homes just like theirs.


Quality SEO Campaigns

Make sure you have a good SEO campaign set up. This ensures that if a potential client sees one of your ads and searches for your agency on Google, you’ll come up in the results.


Social Campaigns for Listings

Setup targeted, paid social media campaigns for all your new listings. This can help you achieve results for current clients faster while helping to build your brand and reach new audiences that could contain your next vendor.


Plezzel Can Help You With Real Estate Digital Marketing

At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate. If you need more clarity on the above terms or would like help with digital marketing, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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