What we learned from Lockdown 2020 from Top Agents

What we learned from Lockdown 2020 from Top Agents

We Researched what top agents did last year in 2020 Melbourne Lockdown, that set them up for success once the housing market opened back up again

This time last year we were in lockdown in Melbourne, and great news is, In October the housing market  bounced back.  Looking back in reflection and doing some research we saw how top agents outperformed others when the market opened up. 

  1. Top agents didn’t use lockdown as an excuse to relax, they used this time to network with clients, and scheduled online appraisals. 
  2. They were prepared and paperwork was ready as they took sellers out of the market getting them lined up for when the time was right.  
  3. Most of all they kept marketing their brand Digitally through Social Media and Google, making sure their customers knew they were the expert to sell their home when ready. 

Make sure your doing these things now, because we will get out of lockdown and you need to be prepared for that day.


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