Zero-touch and Customisable Enquiry Response

Many Real Estate Agents are manually responding to enquiries, an incredibly time consuming task. Not only does this take up the Agent’s valuable time but it can result in delayed responses and certain information being missed entirely. Plezzel’s Enquiry Response removes this headache with a zero-touch solution, allowing for highly informative, on-brand responses to be sent out automatically so Agents can focus on selling.


Making a Great First Impression

Potential buyers often enquire on listings with an office they haven’t worked with before. The enquiry response they receive is the first direct contact they experience. It is an insight into how the office operates, their communication style, and their level of customer service. The response time, professionalism of the email and level of information are all taken into account and should be considered seriously. Mastering these elements is the key to taking an enquiry and turning it into a sale.


Customising Enquiry Response Templates

A common assumption of automated emails is that the recipient can tell they are automated. What is meant by this? Well, many imagine they have a ‘one size fits all’ format with very little personalisation. However, here at Plezzel, we have made sure that each enquiry response feels personal and is customised by our clients. You can customise; the header banner design, the greeting, body text, property details, Call-to-Action links, your signature and more.


Timing is Key

Your prospective clients will receive a prompt and professional enquiry response regardless of when they enquired. This is because Plezzel’s Enquiry Response operates automatically; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enquiry response ensures potential buyers feel important any time of the day, and receives key information to take the next step while in the right mindset. Any number of factors can change over the smallest period of time, so it is key to use timing to your advantage.

By – Digital Marketing Delivery Manager
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