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Businesses are some of the most creative contributors to Instagram. With the right approach and planning, it can be an excellent platform for growing brand awareness for your real estate agency. It’s essential to create a cohesive theme that makes your Instagram feed look and feel like a visual marketing platform that is linked and on-brand. Here are a few tips on how your agency can achieve this.


Build a Theme

Give serious consideration to the style and curation of your instagram profile, ensuring each post has a consistent quality. Achieving this is easier for some businesses than others. Fortunately, real estate is heavily driven by imagery making it ideal for a visual platform like Instagram.

Remember that creativity is important. Just as posting listings isn’t an effective strategy for Facebook posts, posting image after image of properties you are selling or leasing isn’t always effective for Instagram.


Tell a Story

Rather than posting images or videos of properties, tell a story about that area or the community. For example, you could promote properties on the Bellarine Peninsula by showcasing the natural beauty of the coast including the unique flora and fauna, community initiatives an and activities and interesting historical facts.

Instagram stories are a great way of doing this as they are rapidly growing in popularity to over 400 million daily users. Many users report they love watching stories more than endlessly “scrolling” their feed. 



Instagram has made a change to allow minute long videos. Both Facebook and Instagram have been focusing more on video as a primary source of engagement and video content is increasingly given priority in feed algorithms. The introduction of IGTV also reinforces this fact. IGTV is a new space within Instagram where users can watch long form vertical videos that are up to an hour long!


User Generated Content

Fan generated content is an excellent trend across all social media channels. This type of content is great because it’s genuine media that’s related to your brand. It’s like a visual testimonial for your business. For example, other users posting photos with properties they bought or sold through you and tagging you.

To maximise the positive impact of user generated content, you should create a hashtag and encourage others to use it. This is an excellent way of gaining new content for your account, generating engagement and building a community.


Instagram Ads

Like targeted Facebook ads, creating targeted posts on Instagram is a great way of growing your audience and reaching the people you care about the most. You can reach specific audiences based on location and demographics such as age, gender and interests. You can even target your advert to people based on what they do outside Instagram.

In addition to targeting ads by location and demographics, you can target based on connections using:



Doing everything we’ve listed above is a great start but it’s also essential to set goals and achieve them. Reporting and analysing your statistics is crucial to ensure growth and figure out exactly which posts your audience is most engaged with so you can refine your content strategy and improve your overall presence on Instagram.  

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