4x townhouses sold from a digital campaign

Four townhouses sold to buyers who enquired via Facebook/Instagram campaign.

The Challenge

Gus Anile from Hockingstuart Altona secured a listing for a development of seven contemporary townhouses in the inner-west of Melbourne. Gus was asked by his vendor to create an innovative campaign that would secure buyers for the development.  In a booming area of Melbourne, the campaign needed to target the right buyers and maximise return on investment from the marketing budget.

The Solution

Gus asked Plezzel to create a digital advertising campaign that featured the key attributes of the development including the high-quality design, proximity to the CBD, and stamp duty savings, and targeted the right buyers.

After reviewing the development brief with Gus, the Plezzel team proposed an Essential project campaign which included a 6-week multi-channel campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display as well as dedicated account management, and advanced lead generation.  

Our team created a detailed campaign plan featuring to promote the property. As is standard with Plezzel’s digital marketing campaigns, the targeting included our proprietary targeting that exposed this prestige property to in-the-market buyers and investors. Our approach included targeting in-the-market buyers in across the North West of Melbourne with a focus on generating high-quality leads.

After the campaign plan was approved, the Plezzel team created attractive lead generation ads that used property images and tight copy create a compelling buying experience. 

Our solution included lead upload to the Hockingstuart CRM and personalised email responses to all buyers using a custom mobile-friendly email template.

We demonstrated the campaign to the Hockingstuart Altona team highlighting the unique targeting and the frictionless lead generation experience, the campaign was approved to go live.


The campaign generated incredible results reaching 49,000 buyers and generating 54 leads direct from the Plezzel campign. Four townhouses were sold during the campaign – all to leads generated by Plezzel. 

By way of comparison, the real estate portals only generated a total of 35 leads over the same period with no direct sales.

The cost per lead for Plezzel was an incredibly low $50.

Not only did the Plezzel campaign drive the most leads it drove buyers – real buyers.

The four townhouses were sold to leads generated from Facebook and Instagram highlights the strength of the benefit of a true omni-channel marketing approach for highly effective digital marketing campaigns and the power of the Plezzel platform to reach in-the-market buyers.

Gus was delighted with the result, commenting

“The first four buyers for this development were generated from Plezzel and Facebook. My vendor is extremely happy with the results and has continued retargeted digital campaign to sell the remaining townhouses.”