Back to basics – Reaps Rewards

Putting the customer first is why Barry Plant Manningham’s team is an industry leader. Managing Director Spiro Drossos credits the Plezzel platform’s buyer response as transforming their buyer/tenant experience.

The challenge

Spiro Drossis set about changing the business to be more customer oriented. Changes started with a new management and leadership team, followed by extensive training and development.

The solution

Customer oriented changes included an international division to support overseas clients, a new automated response system to handle initial inquiries and community partnerships. “In today’s buyer world people expect things to happen quickly. Buyers excited to see a property that has just been listed email us, not knowing whether we are at an appraisal or in negiotiations, and they just want a response” Spiro Drossos

The results

“With our database we can automate the information sent to clients to tell them more about the house and the location, such as local schools. We then follow up by close of business with a phone call”.

The agency has benefited from doubling the number of appraisals, recording 100 more sales than the previous year and boosting gross commission by 50 per cent.