Belle Property Double Bay campaign generates 100 Private Inspection bookings in 2 weeks

With Sydney in an extended lockdown, Plezzel Private Inspections technology enabled Belle Property Double Bay to show buyers through the property and comply with COVID-19 compliance requirements in NSW.

The Challenge

Belle Property Double Bay is receiving a large volume of enquiry and managing private inspections manually and keeping the database up to date was taking hours per day for the listing agents to screen each person combined with booking cancellations/changes. Finding technology that provided an easy-to-use experience for the buyers and listing agents was the goal. 

The Solution

People are familiar with check in processes when going to a café, restaurant, and supermarket. This changed user experience (as a result of COVID) makes private inspection bookings a common process today for buyers looking for their next home or investment property. 

Plezzel enabled Private Inspections technology which enabled buyers to book into a private inspection from available dates/times. This self-service solution decimated the manual effort for listing agents, allowed the agent to qualify and screen buyers prior to the inspection date/time and enabled listing agents to keep the vendor updated throughout the property campaign.  

Office Training and support was provided by Plezzel Support team. Training includes outlining how to create and manage private inspections in the Plezzel platform. The support team is agile and responsive to questions, suggestions from the agent’s on using the technology.

Private inspections Plezzel



Over the course of the campaign, Plezzel enabled for the office:

  • – 100 private inspection bookings in 2 weeks.
  • – Saving the Agents hours per day whilst complying with COVID measures. 
  • – Provided an easy-to-use experience for buyers to into private inspection/s

“Plezzel enabled their technology and provided my staff with instant training and service to use this great feature. I was up and running in 1 hour, it was so easy. Highly Recommended.” Peter Starr, Belle Property Double Bay. 

Keeping in contact with our clients is key. Already additional features are being planned to provide additional reporting. Plezzel is an agile business responding to client needs and that of the industry.

Plezzel helps Agents to continue to “do business” over this period and the private inspection feature helps progress buyers through the sales cycle.

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