4 Townhouses Sold with a Digital Campaign

The team at Belle Property Geelong were marketing a townhouse development in Torquay that was not receiving much buyer enquiry before they sold 4 townhouses using Plezzel’s digital solutions.

The Challenge

Belle Property Geelong is based in a highly sought-after Victorian region covering the Geelong region, Torquay and the wider surf coast area. The team were marketing a townhouse development in Torquay that was not receiving much buyer enquiry. Over $7,000 of the vendor-paid budget was placed on popular real estate portals and advertised over 3 months. This resulted in just one sale coming through from this channel and 2 sales originating from the office database. Therefore, with the developer keeping 2 townhouses, 4 townhouses remained on the market.

The Solution

The end of the exclusive sales period was approaching, and the remaining 4 townhouses had not moved. The team met with Plezzel, who recommended the following digital packages to increase interest from a wider buyer audience:

  • Traffic Generator (28d duration)
  • Lead Generator (28d duration)

Both campaigns ran in parallel and targeted a wider area for in-the-market buyers across Geelong Torquay and the Surfcoast.  All leads captured were then automatically uploaded into the agency CRM for segmenting and nurturing. Moreover, as the perfect pair of campaigns continued to run, Belle Property Geelong continued to see more data coming through to their own website and database. This allowed them to prioritise opportunities and target digital audiences, which resulted in a more significant number of qualified leads.


Most importantly, the 4 townhouses sold from the campaign pair. With this combination of a Traffic Generator and Lead Generator campaign, the vendor-paid budget reached a wider audience with the incorporation of powerful retargeting through the 28-day period:

  1. Significant increase in brand awareness, with social posts seen 112,000 times among 14,000 buyers in the target location.
  2. Strong engagement at a low cost with 1,872 clicks at a cost per click of $0.50, making the campaign very economical in generating buyer enquiry. Comments, Likes and Shares were recorded, generating further social reach for the campaign.
  3. A total of 11 buyer enquiries were generated directly from the campaign on the following channels; Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network. This accelerated the selling of the remaining townhouses in the development. 

“Plezzel really boosted our campaign leading to the sales of the remaining townhouses. With very little time left we were impressed to see just how effective the two recommended products performed and the level Real Estate expertise that was demonstrated.”   

– Peter Julian, Principal, Belle Property Geelong

Plezzel can help build local agent awareness for real estate offices to allow you to save time, get more listings and nurture existing leads. This is achieved with consistent, customised enquiry responses and seamless integration with other PropTech platforms.

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