Helping Castillo Gosford Sell 43 Apartments

Castillo Gosford is surrounded by picturesque views of the beautiful Brisbane Water in Gosford, New South Wales. Previously an industrial hub, Gosford has experienced a major rejuvenation in recent years with many high-profile projects attracting professionals and families to the energized, community-focused region. Residents can enjoy affordable living with an idyllic Central Coast lifestyle while being an easy commute to Sydney.

The Challenge

After identifying a lack of residential developments in such a revitalized region, a team of visionaries joined forces to develop the Castillo; an exciting yet affordable residential project comprising 43 apartments with various spaces, designed for a broad spectrum of lifestyles.

From the early stages of the development, the team needed to hit the ground running and fill these apartments within a year. Plezzel Digital Team was engaged to reach active buyers online and fill the Project’s database with genuine buyer enquiry.

The Solution

With the Plezzel Digital Platform integrated with online advertising channels and the project, website enquiries were managed into the CRM and digital audiences were created for retargeting. The Plezzel Digital Team recommended a digital campaign focusing on brand awareness and lead generation, designed to increase awareness and drive buyer interest in this incredible project.

The three-month campaign ran Lead Generation and Brand Awareness campaigns parallel to one another, using A/B split testing to achieve optimal results across the Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram.

Still, images and videos introduced Castillo, ensuring the budget was allocated to the best performing creatives to increase clicks and reduce Cost Per Click (CPC). Effective targeting is always a key component of any successful digital marketing campaign, so the Plezzel team leveraged the team’s existing database of buyers to create lookalike audiences, expanding the reach of the campaign to those likely to interact with the posts. This targeting strategy created a highly targeted campaign by taking advantage of the intelligent machine learning of these advertising channels.


With an impressive number of buyer enquiries generated, the powerful duo of Brand Awareness and Lead Generation worked wonders for Castillo Gosford. As planned, the team at Castillo has generated a wealth of quality leads and opportunities to support key objectives. Some of the results and milestones include:

  1. Extensive brand awareness, with ads shown 1,834,116 times to 226,077 targeted buyer audience.
  2. Incredible engagement, with 16,645 post clicks to the Castillo website
  3. Low Cost-Per-Click, averaging $1.50 per click
  4. A total of 444 enquiries were submitted online during the course of the campaign. Of this total, 166 buyers enquiries were generated from the digital campaign and directed to the leading agent for follow-up

“The Plezzel Team were great from start to finish, creating beautiful attention-grabbing content that was effective in obtaining clicks and leads. They kept us in the loop with monthly reports and were always looking for opportunities to increase results that speak for themselves. We’re now in a great position with the majority of our apartments filled.”

– Kayla Hansford, Developments Sales Coordinator, Castillo Gosford