With a network of offices strategically positioned throughout Melbourne, Jellis Craig continually seeks to strengthen their value-service proposition.

The challenge

Having embraced the changing nature of client communication and servicing expectations in the digital world, the team acknowledged their need to respond to online property enquiries in a much more efficient way.

Jellis Craig receives thousands of property enquiries on a weekly basis, and each office was manually responding where possible, without being able to track which enquiries were responded to, or whether they had been entered into the network’s CRM system.

This prompted their decision to find an automated solution that would close the service delivery gap between the client’s enquiry and the agent’s response – ensuring a consistently positive customer experience, while minimising “non-dollar” productive tasks.


The solution

Jellis Craig’s corporate team reached out to Plezzel, with the desire to build a custom Auto Responder that would answer two key objectives.

Firstly, the enquiry response must be completely branded to Jellis Craig with information that is particularly relevant to the client. The response must also include a link to the most up-to-date Statement of Information for guaranteed compliance. The Plezzel team worked closely with Jellis Craig to create a custom design that achieves a consistent brand and customer experience.

Secondly, the Auto Responder must streamline the entry of enquiries into the network’s CRM system, allowing agents to spend more time nurturing their clients. Jellis Craig’s corporate team worked with Plezzel to build an integration with their CRM, allowing the network to capture new clients and to build detailed profiles against existing clients that will enable a series of lifecycle communications over time.


The results

Every online enquiry is now responded to within minutes. The response, while automated, is intelligent and completely aligned to the Jellis Craig brand, enabling effortless engagement between agents and their clients.

The platform also provides weekly buyer enquiry reports to the listing agents for follow up and vendor reporting.

The Plezzel platform has uploaded over 80,000 enquiries into the network’s CRM system. This instant integration into the database means that Jellis Craig can continue to spend more time focussing on their clients, building meaningful relationships into the future.