New Office Launch Campaign for Belle Property Hawkesbury

Belle Property Hawkesbury is based in North Richmond, within the beautiful region of Sydney’s North West. The office required a new brand campaign and contacted Plezzel whose digital solutions met their requirements. This campaign resulted in high engagement from the local market and is also generating appraisals and listings growth for the office.

The Challenge

Having recently rebranded to Belle Property Hawkesbury, the team knew they needed to build local awareness of the move, leveraging the strong reputation of the previous brand. Historically, the team had operated on a referral basis with a limited online presence, so communicating to existing followers would lack reach and impact. It was this increase in digital marketing efforts that presented a challenge for the team with a strong need during their new office launch.

The Solution

Plezzel’s  Growth campaign was selected to build brand awareness and expand on the team’s success, with the core message “same team, now green.” Given digital marketing has not been previously utilised, here we had an opportunity to build an online following with new and existing clients, reach a previously untapped local market and generate new leads.  The team had chosen the Growth Package – Entry Level  (6-month duration) and has continued with this selection ongoing.

The first two months focused on building brand awareness, with content highlighting the rebrand and reinforcing the office’s key messages, nurturing the local community who may be interested in Belle Property Hawkesbury’s services.

From month three, homeowners were familiar with the new branding and services and it was time to introduce Lead Generation. With this strong foundation, various lead generation campaigns were shared across Facebook and Instagram.


Plezzel’s Growth Campaign, targeting and approach proved incredibly successful, with the following key highlights.

  1. Significant increase in brand awareness, with social posts seen an incredible 852,781 times to 32,276 users over the campaign period.
  2. Strong engagement at a low cost with 15,034 clicks at a cost per click of $0.55, allowing posts to be shown more for the given budget. User’s commented, liked, shared and saved posts a total of 320 times throughout the campaign.
  3. A total of 37 leads were generated directly from Facebook and Instagram, expanding the office’s client base with active buyers, sellers and investors in the region.
  4. One appraisal has already been generated from this campaign, along with one listing priced between $1.2-1.25 million, with more in the pipeline.

“We are so glad we decided to reach out to Plezzel as their team of experts really helped get the word out about the rebrand, and saved us so much time. This was the perfect marketing boost for our office and we have seen an increase in our online profile already. The team are very receptive to feedback and great communicators.”   

Renae Darlington, Real Estate Agent, Belle Property Hawkesbury

Belle Property Hawkesbury Principal Robbie Dunn regularly received feedback from local community members, commenting they regularly see the brand’s posts online. The office is continuing its online success with another Growth Campaign now in progress, with additional appraisals already generated.