Proven marketing technology delivers for The Block contestants, Tess and Luke

Our digital marketing technology solution delivered for hockingstuart with Tess and Luke from The Block winning season 2019.

Plezzel has been helping real estate agents involved in The Block since 2014.

So when David Wood from hockingstuart Albert Park asked if we would use our digital marketing technology platform to help drive qualified leads for Tess and Luke’s property featured on The Block 2019, we jumped at the chance. As we had helped David for The Block 2017 and 2018, we had a really great foundation to build on.

David wanted to be able to feature the great attributes of the property like the self-contained apartment and entertainer’s kitchen with a targeted omni-channel campaign that would attract the right premium buyers to the property.

Working with the hockingstuart marketing team, we put together a campaign with regular social posts telling the story of the development. These were scheduled weekly and attracted a wide audience.

We also created an omni-channel campaign focusing on targeting in-the-market buyers across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Our campaign featured the key attributes of the property and used images, videos, and the Facebook Lead Ad unit to collect qualified leads.

Our solution also ensured we used the digital infrastructure developed in 2017 and 2018 by making sure the audience targeting was laser-focused on buyers in the premium price range.

The Results


Tess and Luke attracted the highest price on Auction Day with the property being sold for $3,620,000, making them the winners of The Block 2019. Congratulations team!

The Plezzel platform generated 96 qualified buyer leads over the last seven days of the campaign. This is significantly more than any other lead source. The campaign also reached over 20,000 buyers on Facebook and Instagram.

Our platform retargeted buyers from previous block campaigns plus other audiences to maximise interest in the campaign and have multiple bidders on Auction Day.  This demonstrates that our advanced digital marketing and data-first approach is an incredibly effective solution at engaging the right buyers for property listings. 

 Image © Channel Nine, The Block