Effective lead capture tool

The platform has enabled Mint Property Agents to grow by converting online enquiries into clients. With over 167 opportunities identified and 4 listings generated in only 6 months.


Mint Property Agents offer premium property services to the inner west community in Sydney. They have over 20 years of experience selling and managing residential and commercial property, striving to constantly improve their processes and implement new technology to provide outstanding services for their clients.

The agency started working with us in September 2016 to further improve their operations and grow their business, consuming a wide range of Plezzel products and services, including: Property Management, Residential Sales, Open Home App and Digital Marketing.

Below we cover key results the agency has achieved over the six month period they have been engaged with us. Overall, Mint Property Agents has successfully captured more leads and generated more listings using our platforms and have reached more prospective clients through our web and social media marketing strategy.


Lead Capture

Using our IOS app, Mint Property Agents were able to use the platform to capture leads. 27 per cent of total leads were captured using the app and bookings homepage. This result can be compared to huge real estate platforms REA (41 per cent) and Domain (32 per cent).

Using the Plezzel platform, Mint Property Agents were able to cost effectively capture these leads and avoid missing opportunities.


Listings Growth

Plezzel have enabled Mint Property Agents to grow by generating listings.

In the following six months:

–  89 investors and 79 homeowners looking to sell were segmented into a database

–  4 listings had been generated with over 167 opportunities identified

Listings growth was measured by helping the team sign up investors and homeowners so they could be further nurtured.


Digital Marketing

Our integrated social media marketing campaign focuses on retargeting leads from the client’s database who are currently ‘in the market’. These prospective clients can then be nurtured through the sales cycle while we also increase brand awareness by creating high quality content and engaging social media posts.


Key results include:

– Reaching an average of 10,000 local prospects each month

– 25.87 per cent increase in average monthly website traffic

– 25.9 per cent increase in search engine visibility (how high the business appears in Google search results)

We are consistently monitoring the performance of Mint’s content and social media activity to evaluate what is most effective to ensure we can constantly generate and improve upon results.



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