The Rental Market is Hot – How to Convert Tenant Leads Efficiently

Convert Tenant Leads

Lead generation and converting quality leads is critical for every real estate agency. Of course, this extends beyond buyers and sellers. Tenants represent a significant and growing portion of the real estate market. By effectively capturing tenant leads, agents can experience a number of long term benefits.


The Value of High Quality Tenants

Good quality tenants are valuable in the market for a range of reasons. The better the overall quality of tenant leads, the better the performance of the rent roll. Matching a high quality tenant audience to your rental listing is a great way to generate interest as well.

Every agent managing a rental property wants a good tenant. A good tenant means less effort for landlords and property managers with rent paid on time, longer tenancies and individuals who are more accommodating with maintenance and property access requests.

Tenants also have a predictable timeline to move from one property to the next due to set lease dates. This makes it easy for agents to know when to target and nurture tenant leads looking for their next rental.


The Real Estate Life Cycle

Of course, tenants aren’t tenants forever. Capturing tenant leads also means you can follow these people as they move through the real estate life cycle. Tenants become first home buyers then they might upgrade due to lifestyle factors. Some might become investors. Later they may again upgrade or downsize as they get older.

By properly capturing and segmenting your leads, you can effectively target them as they move through the cycle with relevant marketing campaigns.  Doing so streamlines your marketing efforts and keeps prospects invested in your brand.


Digital Channels are Essential

Automatically capturing, segmenting and managing your data is possible with solutions such as those provided by Plezzel. Targeting the best quality leads for your agency using digital channels like Facebook and Google Play are imperative and play a crucial role here when running effective digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

On these channels, you can create campaigns with auto optimising. This involves using your data to create more targeted campaigns. You can reach prospects with digital ads across the internet based on their relevance to that specific campaign. This means you can put your data to work at the time it will make the most impact.

Your data is more important than ever before, and with digital partners like Plezzel, you can now be guided through how to effectively utilise your data better and more efficiently than ever before.

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By – CEO