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In our last article, we looked at how every interaction a potential customer makes with your brand is an opportunity to generate a lead. Creating as many of those opportunities as possible by running innovative digital ad campaigns is key to generating more leads.

This time we are going to focus on the value of those leads. The main point is that every lead is valuable! 


The Value of Your Leads

A lead is anyone that makes an enquiry via website, real estate portal, social media. They provide you with their name, contact details and a specific question to the nature of their enquiry. When this happens, agents should leap at the opportunity to nurture and potentially convert that lead. 

However, only 50% of leads get a response. Many of those leads are also not making it into the database. This isn’t always the fault of an agent or agency. Some offices just don’t have the right tools or resources to properly capture and respond to every enquiry. 


Agents Can Do More

Agencies should closely analyse every lead to determine its value. Segmenting leads by type is a common way to identify investors or homeowners looking to sell. All leads need to be nurtured to get you and the lead into a position to transact. Converting a lead is all about understanding their requirements and providing the right, specific solutions. 


Following Prospects Through Their Real Estate Lifecycle

People who make a real estate enquiry have specific needs according to where they are in their property journey. Today’s renter is tomorrow’s purchaser. And today’s purchaser is tomorrow’s seller. First home buyers eventually upgrade, while established families downsize and look for lifestyle property on the coast or country once their children leave the nest. 

Agencies who are focused on the short term deal often forget this. This means their business dominated by the short term transactions rather than nurturing leads on an ongoing basis as they go through each stage in their real estate lifecycle. 


Maximising the Value of Your Database

The value of your client database can be measured by how well the data is segmented and categorised. Aim to base this on where those clients are in the property journey. Are your staff using the database to its full extent? If your database is not growing or underperforming you need to consider other solutions. 

Adding more and more leads to a database is only part of the solution. The core of lead generation is that every lead is valuable and is worth investing in. Extracting maximum value requires a digital savvy partner that can assist you across the omnichannel of digital sources. This includes marketing across email, digital and social channels. 


Contact Plezzel to Help Maximise the Value of Your Leads

At Plezzel, we can be the partner you need to maximise the value of your database. This includes incorporating retargeting options across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google to extract maximum value and nurturing your clients subliminally across multiple channels. We’ll help you make your brand as big as it can get. 

If you want to learn more about how we can help, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


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