We Generated Leads but They Don’t Want to Sell Now


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Generated Leads

Lead generation campaigns are all about long term strategy and building a pipeline for sustainable business growth.

Sometimes that can mean it’s not as gratifying as we like in short term. At Plezzel, we often see digital campaigns that generate a heap of vendor leads, but each potential vendor is in a different stage in the lifecycle. Some might not be ready to sell now.

Often it does lead to feelings of frustration in agents who want listings now. However, it’s important to remember that every vendor is different. Agents can’t always dictate when the vendor wants to sell. What’s most important is that they want to engage and provide their personal details to you. This means you can now build a pipeline.


Nurturing Leads in the Pipeline

A pipeline of leads helps your sales team to build listings. All these vendor leads are a great source for listing agents to grow their brand, have more conversations and open up a discussion on the sale of their home. Now that you have engaged vendor leads, you should set up a nurture strategy. Nurture longer term vendor prospects through database marketing, digital tools and direct contact.

For example, market reports sent via email announcing changes in the market that might indicate more favourable conditions to sell. If they are on your email subscriber list or follow you on social media, any insightful blogs you publish or send through EDMs keep your agency in their mind and reaffirm your expertise as agents in their local market.



Retargeting also ensures your vendor leads keep you in mind so they’ll come to you when they’re ready to sell. This involves showing them branded ads as they browse the internet. It works by tracking them across the web using the cookies place on their device when they meet a selected criteria. They might see ads everywhere from Facebook to a range of other websites across the internet.  


Generating Leads Using Content

The process of generating leads using content takes time. Often, nurturing those leads also takes time. So long as you are consistent and have a quality strategy in place, the long term investment generates a good return. To put things in perspective, generating leads on digital channels generally happens over three stages over three months.

The campaign outline may involve having two social posts/two emails per month. The first two happen during the awareness stage, where you involve targeting a specific audience with tailored content to build awareness about your brand. Two more then occur during the intent stage, where you refine and re-target your audience with the goal of generating more social followers and directing traffic to your website.

The last two are in the action stage, where you generate leads and appraisal requests. It takes three months to generate leads. Depending on the current position of the vendor, nurturing them can also take months before it converts to a listing. Just because they don’t immediately convert, it doesn’t mean your time, effort and budget are getting wasted. Always consider the medium to long term with your marketing strategy.


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