Getting your digital marketing ready for Spring

Spring. The weather starts to thaw. The flowers bloom, and people emerge from their winter hibernation.

In real estate, Spring is the biggest market of the year with over more listings than any other period of the year. Spring is where the smart real estate businesses, make their money.

It doesn’t just happen. Succeeding takes planning and preparation. So here are our top tips for getting your digital marketing ready for Spring so you can secure new listings.

Using digital marketing effectively requires an understanding of your customers and the competition. Getting new listings means you, and not your competitors need to be top of mind with your potential customers. If people are thinking of selling in Spring, there is a good chance that right now they are in research mode. They will be looking at comparable sales in their area, using Google to research agents, and possibly checking out your website.

Being top of mind during the research phase is essential to secure new listing opportunities.


Understand your competition


Take a look at what your competitors are offering and what they are telling their customers. Research their websites and their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. Do they have special offers? What are the key messages they are offering their customers? Understanding what your competitors are saying is critical if you want to stand out in your market.

One strategy we recommend is looking at the digital ads your competitors are running. This can give you insights into what they are saying to your potential customers. Often these are not published on public timelines. Luckily Facebook has a free tool which allows you to check out your competitors’ advertisements.


Educate and Inform


Your potential customers are looking for an expert in their market who they can trust. So you want them thinking about your business before they search for “should I paint my house before selling”, “best time to sell”, “house prices in my area” and potentially find your competitors.

To educate and inform your customers you need to create relevant content that positions you as a trustworthy expert. Start this by educating your customers with quality blog posts published on your website and share them on your social channels and with your email subscribers.

Make sure you focus on the key concepts that property sellers are interested in and don’t go for the hard sell. Don’t forget to promote the community and highlight how involved you are in your community. The objective is to build trust and a trusted advisor.

– Educate your customers with quality blog posts.
– Share your posts in your social channels.
– Promote your community.
– Video shares on social media attract high engagement.


Nurture your clients


Effective digital marketing is all about delivering consistent value to your prospects. Nurturing them with well-written and focussed emails is a great strategy for showing how you are a great choice to sell their home or asset.

Frequency and messaging is essential. Do not SPAM your prospects with content not relevant to them as this will only disengage them. For example, home-owners will be interested in different topics to home-buyers, so make sure you segment your customers into the topics of interest.

– Segment your prospects into lists.
– Limit your frequency.
– Focus on relevant quality content.


Promote your listings


Promoting your property in the channels used every day by Australian consumers is essential and will help you stand out.

Your property ads should appear to targeted buyers in Facebook, Instagram, and Google with attractive images and well-written copy. While this can be done manually, we recommend using a platform to scale your operations and deliver a better service to your customers.

Make sure all traffic from your ads is sent through to your website. This allows you to build an audience and retarget any visitor with relevant ads as well as own the brand experience.

Every property listing is an opportunity to get new listings as well as attracting a larger audience to your property. A smart digital strategy which targets home-owners with new listings and sales results can build your credibility with your community and generate new leads for listings.

– Promote your listings in all channels
– Direct traffic to your website
– Use new listings to get more listings with a smart campaign approach


Summing up


Winning in Spring using digital marketing requires planning and focus.

– Review your competitors
– Create good content and share it online
– Nurture your customers and prospects with targeted emails
– Be smart with digital ads to sell properties faster and get new listings



At Plezzel we help thousands of agents be more successful using digital marketing technology. Contact us today to find out how we can help you thrive in Spring. 


By – CEO

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