How to Get More Leads Before Christmas

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Want to get more leads before Christmas? Get more than clicks with hyper-targeted ad campaigns. Plezzel can help you attract more buyers, build a bigger audience and generate leads using Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA). Remember that with VPA, delivering a return on investment is key. We’ll make sure that happens by focusing on where VPA can extract the most value – Facebook, Instagram and Google.


Attract Buyers With Hyper-Targeted Ads

Pinpoint the right prospects based on precise demographics like age, affluence, where they live and what kind of home they need. For example, are you targeting retired downsizers or first home buyers? A smart VPA campaign on social media builds a strategy around this and targets relevant prospects with engaging ads. We’ll find prospects and build a bigger audience for your campaign using tools like Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences.

Capture and Nurture Leads

Capture every lead with Plezzel’s digital campaigns. Once a prospect shows interest, we’ll keep track of them and continue nurturing them. Target and retarget those leads as they browse the web using Google Display and Google Adwords. Keep those prospects interested with a versatile mix of ad mediums like video campaigns across different platforms.

Measure With Metrics Beyond Clicks

With Plezzel’s digital VPA campaigns, we’ll give you specific results that go beyond how many people clicked your ad. You’ll see if the buyer makes an enquiry, browses other properties, requests a contact or arranges to attend an open home. Enjoy transparent reporting during and at the end of the campaign so the vendor is kept up to date and you can see real results.

“After using social media advertising to promote a few of my listings, the turnout to my open homes increased by around 50 per cent!”

Jason Barnett

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By – Plezzel Marketing Manager

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