Platform Integrations

The Plezzel Platform grows your data assets with integrations that simplify lead management, deliver better customer experiences and offer better data insights.


The Plezzel Platform is integrated with Digital Partners such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. The Platform is integrated with Real Estate Marketing Systems, Portal Uploaders and CRMs.


The Plezzel Platform automatically receives Digital Marketing package orders to create digital advertising campaigns. Automatically upload buyer enquiries from a variety of sources instantly into your CRM.


Reduce admin and manual processes. Focus on better data insights for your local market, improving the customer journey and growing your appraisal pipeline.

CRM Integrations

Our platform fully integrates with a number of CRM platforms, allowing agencies to capture and keep track of all their leads by uploading them instantly into their CRM. This means no lost leads, better insights, more opportunities and more time saved.

Lead Sources

Plezzel captures enquiries from a range of online channels including your website. The platform integrates with Facebook, Instagram, property websites and real estate portals. People who have enquired online or walk-in at open homes are recorded and uploaded in your CRM through our mobile app.

  • Your Website

Digital Partners

As a leading technology provider to the real estate industry, Plezzel works seamlessly with other technologies and software applications, providing clients with world class capabilities. Our open, integrated platform enables our clients to achieve a competitive advantage in their local markets.