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We are firm believers that digital technology can help our customers grow their businesses, be more efficient, and help transform how business is done today.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Rental Boost, a product which transforms how property managers and landlords promote their properties and manage their leads.

We have been testing Rental Boost with a select group of customers over the past 3 months, and are now ready to release the product into the wild.

There is an audience of 4.8 million Australians in the key tenant demographic aged between 18 and 39 logging into to Facebook and Instagram daily.

With the power of the Plezzel platform we can retarget this audience to reach in-the-market tenants and further refine the audience to match property criteria with hundreds of signals to reduce noise in the application process. This provides landlords and property managers with high-quality applications.

Booking inspections is a key moment in the tenant journey and we have made this very easy. Potential tenants can book into an inspection directly from their social channel of choice. Our testing has shown a dramatic increase in conversion from interest to booked appointment when compared with traditional approaches.

The rental market is subject to seasonal adjustments and periods of slower performance which puts pressure on landlord marketing budgets. Landlords are also looking for cost effective advertising methods and looking to property managers to innovate/advise on digital strategies.

Rental Boost provides a cost-effective solution that can help property managers get the most from their landlord marketing budgets with a true omni-channel marketing approach – social, web, online, and email – starting at less than $90.

With 52% of all email enquiries not responded to in 3 days, digital marketing automation increases customer acquisition and offers better personalisation at a critical moment in the customer lifecycle. The Plezzel platform delivers automated customer journeys and responds to every email with a personalised and relevant message.

How to get started with rental boost

Rental Boost is available to every Plezzel customer using our Rental platform for both residential and commercial properties.

Getting started is as easy as contacting the Plezzel crew who will provide a comprehensive onboarding pack.

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