Why Incentives are Important for Lead Generation Campaigns

lead gen incentives

Email addresses are incredibly valuable when it comes to digital marketing. However, it’s getting harder to convince people to give them up. Consumers are more tech savvy and aware of marketing tactics. Controversies about data mining and data protection have made them more suspicious when it comes to handing out their details.

It’s crucial to provide value to prospects in order to build an email list full of quality leads. Today, lead generation requires you to use incentives to build trust and compel prospects to sign up.


What Kind of Incentives Work?

Any attractive element like an offer, bonus or promise can work as an incentive to stimulate a desired action. Some examples include email courses, quizzes, longer versions of articles and eBooks that users have to provide their email addresses in order to access.

These work because they are providing knowledge the person wants or promises to solve a particular problem. They are also easy to access right away by signing up.


What Incentives Can Agencies Provide?

In real estate, the incentives can differ depending on the time of year as well as how ‘warm’ your market is to your brand/agent. Expertise about local markets is a valuable commodity in pre/early spring when prospective vendors are sussing out the value of their home within the current real estate climate. You can offer this through market reports and fact sheets which provide relevant and insightful information for prospects who are interested in buying or selling in the area.

Nevertheless, as the saying goes ‘you have to give a little to get a little’. As consumers are becoming more aware and educated, statistics that can be simply ‘Googled’ may not be as effective as financial based incentives that are relevant to the industry. Homeowner opportunities could be anything from free marketing for their listing or perhaps a complimentary building/pest inspection prior to sale. When targeting prospective investors, management fee discount or landlord insurance may be a way to acquire not only the client short term, but build that long-lasting relationship and lifetime value of the client.

By offering value before asking for anything in return, you’ll see your lead generation accelerate. Capture a visitor’s contact details using a data capture form. You can choose from a pop up, banner under the post, banner at the top of the page or an ad in the sidebar.


Using Data to Target Relevant Prospects

By combining incentives and automated responses, your agency can ensure you capture every lead. From there you can use their details for email marketing and remarketing on social media accounts linked to that email address.

Remember that the relevance of your audience is crucial. Make the most of marketing budget by targeting investors and homeowners to prequalify the leads.


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