How You Can Use Marketing Automation to Generate More Leads


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Marketing Automation

David Packard, founder of Hewlett-Packard once famously observed that “marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people”.

Now we love marketing people at Plezzel, but as a technology business we believe that marketing can be completely transformed with the right technology.

The problem with most traditional marketing is that the bulk of the spend is simply wasted.

The marketing team know that it feels right to do it. Marketing makes a difference but they don’t exactly know why. Whether they are investing in print ads, social ads, letter box drops, printed brochures or all of the above, there is a strong chance they are not using the right tracking and reporting.

If the marketing team are not tracking and reporting all marketing activities and customer responses they are not making the most of their budget and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

So how can you get better reporting? How can you close the marketing loop from campaign to lead to sale? The answer is marketing automation done right.

Most real estate platforms go the first mile with automation. They offer enquiry response platforms, or they may have some type of automated advertising in Facebook or Google.

The problem is what happens after the first response, or the automated email and guess what, sometimes nothing happens!

To get the most from the marketing budget you need to track and report on each step in the buying cycle. The cool thing is we have this represented in the Plezzel closed marketing loop.

– Attract an audience with ads

– Engage your audience with laser targeted  campaigns, personalised emails and auto-response

– Nurture your leads with personalised email and re-targeted ads

– Grow your business by closing sales

We believe in tracking, reporting, and capturing each step of the buying cycle to make sure to deliver the best possible experience to qualified buyers.

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