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Plezzel | Settle Easy – Integration partnership

Settle Easy is all about continuous improvement and refinement. That’s why we’ve partnered with Plezzel.

Plezzel is a Geelong-based digital property advertising platform, focused on helping businesses connect with their customers.

Every day, thousands of real estate agents trust Plezzel to help simplify lead management, deliver better customer experiences, offer better data insights and reduce their cost per lead with omni-channel ad campaigns.

Real estate agencies and others who use Plezzel report that this easy-to-use technology puts marketing levers exactly where they’re needed so businesses can control their growth when and where it suits them.

Partnering with Plezzel makes perfect sense for Settle Easy.

We are both customer centric, innovative and collaborative and are driven by excellence, quality and ease.

They help their customers find the perfect property and we complete the conveyancing side of that transaction.

We can’t wait to see how our partnership with Plezzel will make a meaningful contribution to the growth of our business and more importantly, make our customers’ property experiences more streamlined and easier than ever before.

Settle Easy CEO, Sam Almaliki

‘Partnering with Victorian-based businesses who are focused on making our customers’ buying and selling experiences more streamlined makes good sense to us.   Plezzel is an important cog in this wheel – we can’t wait to really get moving.’

 Plezzel CEO, Greg McCutcheon

‘Partnering with like-minded businesses like Settle Easy will transform the legal steps required when exchanging Real Estate.  Our mutual clients will benefit by accessing greater insights, automate manual processes, close deals faster and receive leads earlier in the decision-making phase of buying and selling a home. We are excited to drive industry innovation with like-minded businesses such as Settle Easy.’ 

Settle Easy – Media contact: Sam Almaliki 0415 371 271 |

Plezzel – Media contact: Greg McCutcheon 1800 732 669 |


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