Melbourne, We Love You


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I love your manicured parks and graffiti-rich laneways.

Your coffee, your avocados, your tree-covered streets and your blue winter skies.

I love your cool nights and sweltering days. Your tennis, your race days; sometimes even your footy.

I love walking your streets with my dirty white dog. I love the intoxicating scent of eucalyptus after rain.

I love your gum nuts, your perfect ribbon-wrapped Christmas trees and your raucous native birds.

Your art, your culture, your beautiful architecture. I love the La Trobe reading room that has my heart.

I love your trams, your trains, your magnificent cycleways. Your welcoming public spaces and unexpected laneways.

I love meeting new friends who soon become old friends.

I love my children coming home with facts about Ned Kelly and the Stolen Generation and singing of their Home Among The Gum Trees.

I love our own home among the Wattle trees. Melbourne, I love you.

About the Author

Kate is a Plezzel Copy writer (now living overseas) and wrote this wonderful letter on things she loves about Melbourne.

To the people of Melbourne

We are all thinking about our clients, our friends, our family, the wider community and all people living in Melbourne during this period.

We are with you 100% and please feel free to reach out to our team via or chat on 1800 732 669  about how we can help through this  period.

Plezzel is Geelong based, a one hour drive from Melbourne. Being in a regional area of Victoria, at the time of writing we are in level 3 restrictions. Our team is growing and if interested in working at Plezzel please contact us.

By – Copy Writer

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