The Skill of Nurturing Contacts on Digital Channels


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How do you engage with your followers on digital channels like Facebook and Instagram? There’s a particular skill to effectively nurturing your audiences. This includes knowing how often you should post and what kind of posts engage users or generate the desired action.

Overdoing it with frequent posting leaves your audiences feeling as though they are being spammed. Worse yet, failing to commit to a planned social strategy and not posting enough causes you to lose momentum and fall behind in your digital strategy. The cost of regenerating that momentum is expensive.

Don’t lose patience.  Digital is not an “instant results” channel. It takes time and a meticulously planned and executed strategy to get results.


How to Avoid Being a Social Spammer

Spammers on social media can either come from bots and fake profile or they can just be a result of too much self promotion. Avoid getting marked as a spammer by ensuring you post valuable content at appropriate intervals. Facebook features a natural spam filter called the ‘EdgeRank’ algorithm. If you consistently publish posts that no one likes, reacts to, comments on or shares, your Edgerank score decreases.

This means if you post frequently and no one is engaging with those posts, your score drastically lowers. You can essentially spam your way out of being seen in people’s newsfeeds. The worst case scenario is that if you really annoy people, they may unlike your page or even report you as spam, significantly lowering your score. Once this happens, it’s very hard to get back on track.


Post Engaging Content

Posting content on social media channels is a great way to engage prospects. It just needs to be relevant and interesting. Think about why people follow you on social media. They may be existing clients, want insights into local real estate markets or are looking out for a good deal. Special offers, inside information and exclusive content always work well.

Whether it’s an informative blog post, a fun photo or a short video, aim to share content that is more likely to generate engagement. Aim to make the content easier to engage with by including calls to actions. For example, “click the link to find out more”, “what do you think?”, “like if you’re excited for the weekend!” etc.

Go beyond simply broadcasting information. Have real, open conversations whenever possible. 60 per cent of people are more likely to like a page if they respond to them in the comments section of threads or in direct messages.


Developing the Skill of Nurturing Your Audience

A planned digital strategy requires deep analysis and constant review of digital metrics and how your audiences engage with your brand. At Plezzel, our approach is to recognise where your audience is in the digital funnel over three layers:

  1. Awareness
  2. Intent
  3. Action

Being able to take the audience down the digital funnel using content as a tool is the skill of nurturing on digital channels.


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