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Plezzel & Box+Dice Integration - Better Together

At Plezzel we are integrated with more than 24 CRMs. That’s right 24!  Integration is core to our vision of using data and technology to make doing business easier.

We are excited to announce that the Plezzel team have released an updated integration with the popular Box+Dice CRM. Our latest update provides customers with a sophisticated tool-set which drives more value from every contact.

New features for Box+Dice

  1. Data enrichment on upload from Plezzel lead capture to provide a deeper view of each contact.
  2. The opportunity to further personalise every customer touch-point.
  3. Enhanced tools for investigating and prioritising client queries.
  4. Automated retrieval of leads for audience enrichment in the Plezzel Marketing Suite.
  5. Leads uploaded will be tagged as uploaded by Plezzel with a Plezzel logo.

This opens up a brand new set of opportunities for you and is the first stage to further digital solutions planned for our partnership with Box+Dice.

If you are a Box+Dice customer and want more from your data, get in touch with our team.

By – Digital Marketing Specialist

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